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The Soolyman Sportfishing team has been fishing the rich and productive East African Kenyan coast for the last 8 years now and have encountered amazing fishing over that period. The Kenyan coast offers a wide and diverse range of fishing from the common inshore game fish such as King Mackerel, Blue Fin, Big Eye, Yellowspot and Giant Trevally, Barracuda, Rainbow Runner, Bonito and baitfish to the offshore gamefish such as Yellowfin Tuna, Amberjack, Wahoo, Dorado and of course 6 species of Billfish which can all be encounterd in these waters which include Sailfish, Striped Marlin, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Shortbill Spearfish and Broadbill Swordfish. This diversity of species, especially the ubandance of Billfish thus makes Kenya one of the top destinations in the world to catch what is commomly known in angling circles as a "Grand Slam" which is 3 different Billfish species in a day, "Super Grandslam" which is 4 Billfish species in a day and finally the most saught after of all acheivments is the "Fantasy Slam, wich is 5 Billfish species in a day...


Soolyman Sportfishing currently operates out of the buzzing little coastal town of Malindi which is located 5 minutes from Malindi International airport. Malindi boasts a wide range of accommodation options to suit every budget and also has a host of supermarkets, small shopping malls, restaurants, cafes,bars and a heaving night life which draws most european tourists to the region.


The peak Marlin season starts from around January and runs through till and of March where it is not uncommon for boats to catch up to 6 marlin in a day while another run of smaller Black Marlin occures during the months of June and July when it tends to be a bit more rough with the tail end of the monsoon winds blowing through. But the advantage of fishing during this time of the year is that these Marlin are found very close inshore in an area commonly known as "The Banks" along with many King Mackerel, Yellowin Tuna and Wahoo, only a few miles from the beach.. The main Sailfish season runs close to shore off Malindi from December to February where large numbers of fish can be found along the distinctive color line where the muddy Galana (Sabaki) river water meets the blue Indian ocean only a few miles offshore. Sailfish are also caught through out the season from July to April.


Yellowfin Tuna are found further offshore with the best catches being made on the North Kenya Banks which lie 38 miles off shore and the peak season for the Tuna is from August through to the end of October and early November where good numbers of fish are caught by all the boats who specifically target them with fish up to 100kgs taken each season. The offshore toporgaphy make fishing off Malindi one of the richest and diverse areas catering to all types of angling and techniques. Superb popping and spinning on the many inshore reefs and headlands where all the inshore species are found. While further offshore, the deep water ledges and undersea mountains hold good numbers of Amberjack, Giant trevalleys and many species of reef fish including Grouper and deep water Ruby Snappers to be had by vertical jigging.

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